National Nutrition Week Activities

Come September, the Nutrition Month, and 1st – 7th September the National Nutritional Week which will see various events, workshops, and interventions happening all over India.

Yatha Annnam Tatha Manam! The development of our mind and intelligence is directly related to the food we consume.

Desh Apnayen is an NGO, founded in 2015 by Shri Vallabh Bhanshali, Chairman, Enam Group of Companies, and his associates, with a mission to create ACTIZENs – Alert, Informed and Active Citizens. We have been endeavoring to change the landscape of Civics and Citizenship Education in India, by working in partnership with schools across the country that implement our specially designed programs and further our mission and vision.

At Desh Apnayen we welcome novel ideas and ‘out of the box’ thinking and acting on them. This is essential to address the future generation that is still in schools and adapting to its new ways of learning.  Through our thought leadership and commitment, we are working to restore, reinforce, and re-design the trust of the young and curious minds in democracy and democratic institutions, through various activities that align with the government’s initiatives.

We at Desh Apnayen are joining the Nutrition endeavour of our government, and strengthening its mission by adding another dimension to Actizen, Alert, Informed, and Active Citizens, and urging citizens to be alert about the present state of nutrition, informed about hunger and sustainability, and active enough to apply these learnings to change the food consumption patterns.

Zero Wastage Food and Sustainability are now the keywords when it comes to Nutrition, which are Desh Apnayen’s focus areas for National Nutrition Week.

We encourage you to participate in these two activities on ‘Zero Waste Eating’:

  1. A short note on ‘Zero Waste – The New Sustainable Mantra’. This has been designed for the students who love to write, and to encourage their critical thinking skills.
  2. Share a video recipe of your favourite ‘Zero Waste Recipe’. This is for the ones who love a hands-on experience and to explore their creative side.

Submissions to be made to: Please put the subject lines as “Zero-waste note – [name of the person submitting]” and “Recipe Video – [name of the person submitting]”

For example, Parag Patel is the name of the person who is submitting a short note on zero waste, he should e-mail with a subject heading as, “Zero Waste Note – Parag Patel”

Don’t forget to add – Name of the School, Grade, Division, Location of the School (City and State), etc

Know more details from the attached document.

Not just students, we invite the teachers, school leaders, non-teaching staff, and others, to participate in these activities. After all National Nutrition is everyone’s responsibility.

There are 7 prizes to be won! 1 for each day of the National Nutrition Week!

Come secure India’s future. Be an Actizen, this time through Nutrition!



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