Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS'® Club

The Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS’® Club fosters students’ 21st Century skills in a variety of ways, and enables them to become ACTIZENS – alert, informed and active citizens. We invite schools from all boards to form the ACTIZENS’® Club and help students experience the benefits of being a Club member.

Please click here to take part in the weekly activities that we have put together. 

Please write to if you would like us to take you through the process over a phone call. 

  • Key Features of the Club:
  • Benefits of the Club :
  • Steps to Start the Club in Your School:
  • A formal group of students is formed with members from the 5th-9th grade. 

  • Participation in any/all activities presented to the Club members is voluntary. 

  • It is desirable to have at least 2-5 members from each grade in the Club. There is no upper limit for the maximum number of Club members from the school.

  • We encourage participation in at least two of the four activities every month - one hour every week, with guidance from Desh Apnayen Teachers.

  • Most activities can be done online, and all activities come at no cost to the students or schools.  

The ACTIZENS'® Club gives students and teachers a chance to:

  • Take part in innovative activities every week, based on a thematic calendar, aligned to Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Participate in contests and special events on certain days of national and international importance 
  • Receive Citizenship Education programmes curated by us
  • Experience the power of volunteering for the improvement of their community
  • Feel a sense of ownership and responsibility towards their country
  • Expand their knowledge base on pertinent social and global issues
  • Display leadership skills, be it as the President, the Secretary or a member of the Club, or as the ‘Voice of Desh Apnayen’ in the school
  • Get greater recognition and rewards during the grand awards ceremony
  • Be featured on our digital platforms and outreach efforts with media publications, print and online
  • Access training, workshops and engaging resources
  • Have a dedicated Engagement Officer from Desh Apnayen for the school

1 . Call for Participation 

  • Orient students about Desh Apnayen and Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS'® Club
  • Announce the Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS'® Club formation in your school
  • Call for participation from class 5th -9th
  • Decide the date for the election of office bearers
  • Announce the date and ask for nominations for office bearers

2.  Hold an Election

  • Formal or just voting for office bearers
  • Announce the result
  • Brief roles and responsibilities for office bearers and other members (refer to user manual)

3. Investiture Ceremony

  • School can call local govt. officials/eminent personality/Civic hero as chief guest for members to feel motivated as young citizens
  • Start the club by taking Desh Apnayen pledge and distribute badges (To be provided by Desh Apnayen)
  • Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS'® Club president will present the motive and plan of action of the club for the Academic year (Refer user manual and Annual planner)

4. Implement Actizen Club Activity

  • Follow Annual planner/monthly activities provided by Desh Apnayen and conduct activities or
  • Pick and choose activities and prepare your own planner
  • Weekly 1 activity is recommended
  • Monthly 2 activities are recommended, 3-4 activities per month are desirable for longer impact

We encourage schools to give a chance to one of the Club members to be the ‘Voice of Desh Apnayen’ – to inform fellow students about upcoming activities, and share learnings/submissions from past activities with teachers and parents, whenever feasible.

This can be done by setting up a ‘Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS’® Club Wall’ in the school; by sharing a summary post on the school’s website, emailer, Facebook page or WhatsApp groups; or during School Assembly and Annual Day event. We can help create the communication material and speaking points.

Join hands with Desh Apnayen to become a partner school and nurture the ACTIZEN spirit in our young students!

View names of our partner schools here.