Our youth is the future of the nation & they ought to have a say in its raising, don’t they?

Yes   No

Doesn’t the youth deserve to be an architect of the “tomorrow” they would be living in?

Yes  No

But, are they adequately enlightened & equipped to tap their potential in building the future of the country?

Yes    No

Most of us would have positive replies to the first two questions, but, with a hint of hesitation. The third question is actually what makes us hesitant to share the baton with the youth & have their hands actively in the development of the nation. The youth of our country has tremendous potential to catalyze the advancement & progress of our country, but an inadequate exposure to the material makes them ineligible to stand in the forefront.

To overcome this limitation, Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundation came up with a noble concept- the ACTIZENS®. The ACTIZEN® club is a school-level club for the young minds, which aims to inculcate the spirit of actively exercising the role of a citizen amongst the students. We are an experiential Civics Laboratory which inspires & encourages students to become ACTIZENS® by learning & experiencing 21st-century skills through various civics & citizenship education programmes.

Actizen Contest

To make participative democracy exciting, we created the two-phase, inter-school Actizen® contest for students between grades seven and nine.

The contest is designed to act as a catalyst that kickstarts imaginations on how to solve the big issues, and sparks community-level action to tackle these issues head-on. It would incite inquisitiveness on current affairs, civics & citizenship among the participants & would trigger their thought processes to come up with innovative counsels to foster social & national well-being & development.

Student participation is the driving force behind the Actizen® contest, but the parents, teachers and school principals that support them are equally important.

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Actizen Club

Desh Apnayen ACTIZEN® Club is an experiential Civics laboratory which encourages students to become ACTIZENS® by learning and experiencing 21st century skills.

  • A formal group of students is formed with members from the 5th-9th grade who choose Civics/Citizenship.
  • It is desirable to have at least 2-5 members from each grade, however, there is no upper limit for the number of participants.
  • The yearly itinerary of the club comprises of a thematic Annual planner & 4 types of activities being carried out every month (viz, classroom activities, school-level events/activities, community engagement activities and Research-based activities).
  • It is endorsed to conduct at least 2 activities every month. However, conducting 3-4 activities ascertain to have a profound & long-lasting impact.
  • The participants are required to devote one hour of their time every week to engage in productive and innovative activity-based learning under the supervision of skillful & competent Desh Apnayen Teachers.


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