The ACTiZEN Leadership Lab | Students’ Photographs

Dear Students,
We at The ACTiZEN Leadership Lab are heartened by the efforts that you are making to better understand and try and solve the civic issues in your neighbourhood.
We would like to showcase our students’ journey – their learnings and efforts – on our social media pages and WhatsApp groups. As many stories as possible, as we believe this will inspire others. For this, we would like each one of the participating students to share 1-2 photographs of theirs with us.
You can upload the photos directly on this Google Form.
Please do so by 2 pm on 28th August.
We also plan to make a collage of the first cohort of the Lab – that is, of the students who complete all the stages of the Lab programme. The photos will be helpful at that stage as well.
Guidelines for sending the photograph/s:
1. You can send an existing photo or click a new one using a phone or other camera.
2. Make sure that the photo is in colour, taken against a light-coloured, preferably white, background.
3. Look straight at the camera with a relaxed face. The photo should have your full face, front view, eyes open.
4. The photo should be from head to waist with at least 1/4th of the frame above the head empty.
5. Smile! 🙂
With warm regards,
The Lab Team