November Week 3 Activity

Take Part in The ACTIZEN Chain Challenge

26th November is Constitution Day. The core of the Indian Constitution is held together by the two immovable pillars of Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties. The duties imply a moral obligation upon the citizen to uphold the spirit of democracy and contribute to the country’s progress.

In keeping with Desh Apnayen’s tradition of creating activities for schools on certain days of national and international importance, we invite students from your school to take part in The ACTIZEN Chain Challenge.

Expected Outcomes –

  • Students will get to experience first-hand the process of becoming engaged citizens.
  • They will get to work on an online awareness campaign and perform tasks of strategy creation, outreach, communication design and public speaking.
  • They will get to work closely with parents, teachers and friends.

Eligibility Criteria –

This Challenge is open to students from all grades from all schools across India – Desh Apnayen’s partner and non-partner schools.

Note for Teachers –

  1. As a school, select one theme from the ones mentioned below and invite students to perform the tasks listed under that theme within 15 days starting 26th November. Theme options: Waste Management, Digital Citizenship, Education, Environment Conservation and Gender Equality
  2. Students can engage in the tasks at home, and invite others to do the same through a live online chat/session. To invite people to join the session, students, parents and teachers can use WhatsApp, Facebook, email, phone call, personal invitation, etc.
  3. Please refer to a Human Chain Picture Collage at

Students who take part in the Challenge need to submit to the teacher a similar picture of themselves and the children/adults who joined the online awareness session held by them so that it appears in the form of a chain with them holding hands with each other. 

The school needs to compile all students’ ACTIZEN Chain Picture Collages, and upload the compiled Collage on this webpage by 12th December 6 pm.

During the online session, students are requested to start with the following: I am <name> from <school name>. As part of Desh Apnayen Foundation’s ACTIZEN Chain Challenge, here is what I am doing.

If the students did not conduct the awareness session with others but did the activity at their home, they can send only their picture to the teacher.

The ACTIZEN Chain Challenge Tasks for Students –

  • Waste Management
    • Practice the segregation of wet and dry waste at home daily, starting 26th Nov.
    • Conduct an online session on Zoom, WhatsApp Video Call, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype or any other platform to encourage friends/neighbours/relatives to segregate waste or to discuss any topic related to waste management – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Composting, etc.
  • Digital Citizenship
    • Make a live online presentation to as many people as you can on the need to vote and how to register to vote. You can also discuss with them issues related to civic engagement.
  • Education
    • Give a demo session on digital literacy to senior citizens at your home. You can also conduct a live online session for your neighbours and others on one or more of these topics – how to browse the internet, shop online, listen to music, chat on WhatsApp, etc.
    • You may also include people in the younger age group who are not tech-savvy in the online session.
  • Environment Conservation
    • Plant a sapling at home using a bottle/Do-It-Yourself (DIY) planting method.
    • Teach others about the DIY method of sapling plantation and the sapling care process through a live online session.
  • Gender Equality
    • Identify one or two household tasks that are stereotypical to the opposite gender at your home and do the task(s) for at least 5 days.
    • Encourage your friends and acquaintances to break free from gender role expectations or have a discussion on the topic during a live online session

Awards –

  1. The top 3 schools will be selected on the basis of the number of people involved in the activity done by the students (the 3 longest ACTIZEN Chains), and will receive a Trophy and online recognition.
  2. The student with the best ideas and execution of the activity will also receive a book and online recognition.
  3. All participating students will receive an e-certificate.

Chain Collage For Reference –


The ACTIZEN Chain Challenge |To be Filled by Students on or before 10th December 6 pm

Top 3 Winners of The ACTIZEN Chain Challenge

  1. Pawar Public School, Chandivali
  2. Pawar Public Schoool, Kandivali
  3. Shree Pragya Public School, Ajmer

List of participants who spread awareness on important issues in their community!

Heartiest Congratulations to all those schools who took part in ‘The ACTIZEN Chain Challenge’ and created awareness on important issues!

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