June Week 2 Activity

Constitution/ Renewal of DAAC (Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS® Club) 2020-21 

Type of Activity – School Level Activity 


Partner schools are requested to select one teacher as a ‘Desh Apnayen ACTIZEN®Teacher’ to start the process of constitution/renewal of Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS®Club in their respective schools. Desh Apnayen empathises with its esteemed partner schools in them coping with this pandemic, and with the after-effects of the pandemic on the education sector. For support in the opening process of the club, schools can select from the given options – 

  1. Continue with the ACTIZENS®Club with last year’s/existing members and office bearers if they are still the in school and start the learning process digitally with Desh Apnayen’s monthly activities based on the Annual Thematic Calendar 2020-21. 
  2. If the schools are interested in constitution of a club for this academic year, fill in the intent form given below and send your nomination and details to us. Also share the student’s nomination form with students from Grade 5 – 9 and ask them to submit their forms online. 

Requirements – Once you send us the intent form, we will create your school account on www.deshapnayen.org and intimate you. After that, the Desh Apnayen teacher and the students can register themselves to access and download the monthly activities. 

Process to be carried out by DA teacher

Step 1 1. Invite students from Grade 5th to 9th to participate through platform that you have been using for online communication with parents and students these days. 

2. Share the Desh Apnayen  ACTIZEN®Club document with student’s membership form link (Given above), for the students and parents to understand the Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS®Club and its benefits. 

3. Recommended club size/strength– 2 students per section per grade, with a total of 25 – 40 students. 

4. Schools can also form additional Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS® Clubs if the number of interested students exceeds 40. 

Step 21. Election is a part of club formation in Desh Apnayen and very important first step for students to understand Democracy and its functions. But for the time being, this step also can be skipped till the time schools start functioning on full swing.  

2. Once the schools reopen, you can conduct a formal process of election of DAAC office bearers. 

3. Announce the results and publish a list of DAAC office bearers on the school notice board or Desh Apnayen Wall and share with it Desh Apnayen too. 

4. Create a Record Book (physical) and handover to DAAC president to record the activities, minutes of the meeting and reports of events during the year. 

5. Handover Desh Apnayen badges to all the club members  

Investiture ceremony is another very important step in the club formation for students to understand the value of oath taking ceremony and to take ownership of their leadership positions in the club. But this process also can be implemented once the schools  reopen. Alternatively, if you would like to hold the ceremony online, write back to us and Desh Apnayen will support in online the investiture ceremony for the school. 

Voice of Desh Apnayen

  • He/She may or may not be an office bearer. The students who is good at Public speaking or with a desire to speak, can be nominated for Voice of Desh Apnayen. 
  • The responsibility of the Voice of Desh Apnayen would be to represent Desh Apnayen in school assemblies, celebrations of days of National importance in school, and talk about the newest happenings at Desh Apnayen. 
  • The material/content for speeches and presentations will be provided by Desh Apnayen from time to time. 

School representative/Desh Apnayen ACTIZEN Teacher needs to send the names of DAAC members and office bearers, if selected, to Desh Apnayen through the school’s official e-mail ID for confirmation and for records. 

Contact Details

Nikhil Mhatre, Sr. Manager (Outreach and Engagement) 

Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundation, Mumbai

E-mail – info@deshapnayen.org or nikhil@deshapnayen.org or tuleeka@deshapnayen.org 

Mb. 9920299323/ 8898890202 

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