ACTiZEN Leadership Programme

ACTiZEN Leadership Programme

To deepen a student’s ACTiZEN journey, we are going to pilot a new programme in the 2022-23 academic year. Through this programme, students would-:

Take an active interest in being keenly aware of all facets that create, shape, and influence democracy. This would help them to know and, own their neighbourhood and nation. They would achieve a deep understanding of interconnected systems.

Sharpen 21st-century skills such as research, critical analysis, discerning fact from fiction while taking informed decisions and dialoguing on issues and

Strike a balance between rights and duties, take actions that are likely to help solve long-standing problems. They would do this in collaboration with fellow citizens, civil society groups, and the government.

Build strong emotional self-reliance, while finding joy and pride through this fulfilling journey.

Become empathetic towards individual stakeholders, and society at large.

Out of 2500+ Participants across India, a total of 100 Participants will be Qualified for the program.
The list of Qualifiers Students will be been updated on our website: Click Here

Wishing everyone all the very best!

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