November Activity – JUSTICE CARD

  1. Students will become alert to situation of unfair & injustice around them.
  2. Students will be able to comprehend the meaning of Justice and Fairness

  1. Students will be able to describe their understanding of justice and be able to identify examples of justice and injustice in their own lives.

  • Skills - Communication, Critical Thinking
  • Values- Fairness, Empathy

S. No.  Session Details  Estimated Time Required 
1  Step 1: Instructions (8-10 mins) 

Step 2: Activity (As HW in Diwali Break) 

Step 3: Debrief (8-10 mins) 

20 Minutes  

Pen and notebook.  

Step 1: Instructions (8-10 mins) 

Time: 8-10 minutes  

Teacher will give instructions to do this activity during the Diwali Break at home. 

  1. Ask students to observe situations around them for 3-4 days and identify 6 situations that show either fairness or not fair around them and create a table of observations as shown below.  (3 situation of Fairness and 3 situations of Unfair).  

Example of Situations: 

  1. How responsibilities are shared at home 
  2. 3-4 children are not letting other children play on ground. 
  3. You see a very young child of 8–10-year-old working in nearby market. 
  4. Traffic rules are not followed by some members of society/building.
  Describe the Situations:  When & where they observed the situation?  Mention if the situation is fair/Justified? Yes/No and Why? 


What should be done to ensure fairness/justice in such situations? 

If it is already fair, what needs to be done to continue it? 

What does fairness/justice mean in this situation? 

Ask students to compile these findings and reflect what does justice mean to them. They can also draw a poster to show what justice means to them. (Poster is optional)

Debrief (After the HW is done)

Estimated Time: 5-8 mins 

Ask students the following questions to debrief the activity:  

  1. How was the experience of identifying that the situation was fair/not fair? What did you feel you could do? 
  2. What can we do to not be unfair/do injustice to others in daily life? 
  3. What does justice mean to you? 

Reflection Sheets, Activity Report & Feedback Form  

Teachers kindly fill in the feedback form, remind office bearers to fill activity report and remind students also to fill up the reflection sheets. 

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