August Week 3 Activity

Theme : Independence and Interdependence

Type of activity : Art based activity


We just celebrated our Independence Day. Aatmanirbhar Bharat was the highlight. We talked about make in India and make for the world in one breath. Independence and Interdependence. Imagine us making in India with no one to buy from us. Whom will we be making for? Every realisation of independence comes with an acknowledgement of interdependence. Think of you being independent in one area. Did you achieve that independence all alone? Who all walked with you in your journey to independence? How about celebrating this journey with an exclusive memento? Here’s a short activity to celebrate your independence by designing a certificate for one selected person to whom you owe your independence.

Grades : All Grades

Expected Outcome

The students will be able to:
1. acknowledge and appreciate the people who were responsible for their independence
2. spread joy through exclusively designed and personalised certificates
3. hone their creativity and critical thinking skills


Paper, colours, pens, other art material, and loads of imagination and affection.

About the activity

A note to the teachers: Kindly share this activity with your students from all grades. You could announce this through your internal announcement system.

Steps for Activity

1. Think about one area that you are independent. For e.g., riding a bike/bicycle, cooking, decorating, public speaking, etc.
2. Close your eyes and think about the first time you tried doing the activity/area
3. Now think about the present status, when it comes to that particular activity/area
4. Think of all the people who helped you
5. Choose one or two people on whom you depended the most
6. Design a beautiful ‘Certificate of Interdependence’ for the special people
7. On the rear side of the certificate make a list of qualities/abilities about that person. For e.g. for being able to motivate me at all times. For being the most dependable person. For simplifying things for me. For guiding me whenever I was stuck, etc.
8. Once done send it to the person whom you designed the certificate for
9. Fill up the reflection sheet below, click photos of your certificates and share them with us on
10. If you don’t want/like to draw, you can create an e-certificate Check this link to create your e-certificate:

Name –

Grade –

Name of the School-

Area/City –

Reflect on the activity and answer the questions given below:

1. What is your definition of a certificate?

2. Would you owe your independence to yourself, or would you include the people on whom you depended to get your independence?

3. How did it feel to send your ‘Interdependence Certificates’ as a form of appreciation?

4. Was the person happy to receive this certificate? What was their feedback?

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