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  1. Activity 1 : Digital Citizenship
    Creation and inauguration of Desh Apnayan Club was held on 20th July 2021 at government high school Davorlim. The Headmistress Mrs. Vibhali Morajkar, teachers, non-teaching staff and the committee members of the Desh Apnayan club were present for the ceremony.
    Madam Vibhali Morajkar inaugurated the Desh Apnayan Club. She welcomed teachers and students and congratulated the executive committee for being accepted the post and their cooperation.
    Tr. Clara expressed the aims and objectives of the club, the roll of different members of the club, the activities to be carried on during the month. Gave some tips to encourage and boost their participation.
    The activities of the month of July were explained and students were asked for a feedback on the same. they were told to form their own country based on digital citizenship. They were requested to include their family members as their citizenship. The name given for the digital country was “DIGI D’MAIL”.