Goa Higher Secondary October Activity – Growing Up in Democracy (Activity-2)

  1. Students will be able to recognize the mandatory documents as Indian citizens they or their family members must have.
  2. Students will be able to comprehend the importance, process of applying, and the eligibility criteria of these different documents at different ages. 

Students will be able to classify and describe the importance, process of applying, and the eligibility criteria of different mandatory documents for Indian citizens at different ages. 

Critical thinking, Teamwork 

Collaboration, Responsibility 

S. No.  Session Details  Estimated Time Required 
1  Step 1: Introduction  

Step 2: Activity 

Step 3: Debrief 

45 Minutes 

Pen, notebook

Step 1 - Introduction  

Estimated Time: 10 mins 

1. Teacher will play this video in class - Documents required to Indian Citizens 

2. Teacher will then ask the following questions based on the video: 

  • Why do we need certain documents in different countries to prove our citizenship of the same?  
  • What are the common documents we use in our daily life? (Aadhaar card, ration card, ATM, etc.) 
  • Which document do we use for voting purposes? (Voter ID) 
  • Which document is required to travel abroad? (Passport) 
  • What are the other documents that your parents hold? 

3. Take 1-2 responses for each question, and tell the students, today in groups, we will discuss which various ID documents a person residing in India requires. 

Step 2 – Activity 

Estimated Time: 25 mins 

  1. Teacher will then divide the class into 4-6 groups as per class size.  
  2. Ask them to discuss in their groups the documents a person living in India requires at different ages for different purpose. In groups, they can draw a picture chart ‘Growing up in a Democracy’ with the help of the given list of documents and information given in reference section. Reference template options for picture charts are given in Annexure 1. 
  3. Share the Reference Handout given in Annexure 2 for reference to help discussion. (Note: Teacher can display the handout if smart board/Projector is available) 
  4. Teacher will tell students they have 20 minutes to make this picture chart in groups. They will then display them on Desh Apnayen wall so that everyone can see each other’s chart. 

Step 3 - Debrief (10 min) 

Estimated Time: 10 mins 

Teacher will debrief the session with help of following questions: 

  1. What did you learn from the activity? 
  2. According to you, which are the two most essential documents that one must have? Give reasons for your answers.  
  3. Why do you think having these documents are important? What awareness will you spread among your family and friends to acquire these documents? 


Ask students to create a similar picture chart for one member of the family (mother/father/elder person) – and find out which documents they have, when and how did they get them and how is this document useful for them. 

Annexure 1 – Growing up in Democracy Template 

Draw your group photo or write your group names in the space.  For Homework draw family members’ photos in the given space (Separate chart for both) and mark each family member’s eligibility for the document while mentioning their age and the date when they got the document or will become eligible to apply. 

Reference material - Detailed Information Sheet for documents

Annexure - 1

Annexure - 2

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