Goa Higher Secondary November Activity – NEIGHBOURHOOD SURVEY

  1. Students will be able to identify various civic issues in their neighborhood. 
  2. Students will be able to evaluate and propose workable solutions for the identified issues in neighborhood. 

  1. Students will be able to engage in their neighbourhood to recognize civic issues and propose possible solutions for them. 

  • Critical thinking, Communication 
  • Collaboration, Accountability 

S. No.  Session Details  Estimated Time Required in class 
1  Step 1: Instructions (8-10 mins) 

Step 2: Activity (As HW in Diwali Break) 

Step 3: Debrief (8-10 mins) 

20 Minutes  

Pen, notebook 

Step 1 - Instructions 

Estimated Time: 8-10 mins 

  1. Teacher will tell the students to visit the neighborhood and observe at least 4-5 civic issues/challenges. Some examples of Civic issues are Traffic Congestion, potholes on roads, Waste dump, Irregular electricity supply, etc. Teacher can set context for the survey with help of Introduction given above. 
  2. Once they have identified 4-5 issues, ask them to conduct a survey with atleast 5 people in their neighborhood to find out what are the civic issues they observe, what are the causes of these issues, how does it impact people, what can be done to solve these issues, etc. 
  3. Students can use the Survey Format given in Annexure 1 for their reference or create their own. 
  4. Ask them to then compile the responses and prepare a one-page report/poster showing the survey findings and their reflections on it. (Note: Teacher shows the Annexure 2 for reference, students can create report in same format, or use their own covering all the points)  

Step 2 – Survey Activity 

Points to Remember 

  • The purpose of Survey is to identify neighbourhood issues of the area
  • Ask direct questions to participants.
  • Do not get involved in unnecessary arguments.
  • Only facts no perceptions or observations 

Office Bearers can display the Survey report/Poster on Desh Apnayen Wall on rotation basis for everyone to see each other’s response. 

Step 3 - Debrief (to be done after HW activity) 

Estimated Time: 8-10 mins 

Teacher will debrief the session with help of following questions: 

  1. What did you learn through this experience?  
  2. How was the experience of conducting the survey? What insights did you get from it about your neighborhood? 
  3. Why is it important for us as citizens to be alert and informed about the civics issues in our neighborhood? What actions can we take for it?

Annexure 1 – Survey Format 

Name of person - _________________ 

Address (optional) - _________________ 

  1. Since how many years they are living in this neighbourhood? _________________ 
  2. Which are top 5 civic issues in the area that you think requires attention? 
  3. What do you think are the reasons for these issues? 
  4. How do these issues impact the neighborhood/people? 
  5. What are some of the possible solutions (3-4) according to you for these problems/issues? 

Note: Same questions to be asked to all community members. 

Annexure 2 – Report Format 

Name of the Student   
Number of Community members surveyed   
Name of the Neighbourhood   
Identified Problems   Number of Respondents who identified this problem  Proposed workable Solutions. 


Number of Respondents who suggested this solution  Your Suggestions/ reflections about it (Which solution to adopt, how to adopt, etc.? 
1)    a) 





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