November Week 1 Activity

Know Your Constitution

Type of Activity – Individual Level Activity


Constitution Day was formerly known as National Law Day. It is also known as Samvidhan Divas. This day is celebrated on 26th November every year in India to celebrate the historical moment of the adoption of the Indian Constitution. On 26th November 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India and the day bears immense historical significance. However, the Constitution of India came into effect on 26th January 1950.

To make our ACTIZENS aware about the importance of this day, Desh Apnayen’s theme this month, for the weekly activities, is ‘Constitution and Fundamental Rights and Duties’.

In Week 1, we encourage our young citizens to explore and study the Indian Constitution and check their knowledge through a quiz.

Expected Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Understand the importance of the Constitution and be aware of the Constitution Day history
  2. Recognise the efforts of the framers of the Indian Constitution
  3. Collect information and facts about the Indian constitution and check their knowledge about the same

Note to the teacher –

  1. Distribute the learning material in advance (1-2 days prior) to the students and ask them to study about the Indian Constitution.
  2. Instruct them that each student will need to share 1-2 facts they have learnt about the Indian Constitution during the online session.
  3. At the end, share the quiz link in the classroom and ask students to fill up the quiz and share their scores in the chat box.

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