Road Safety

February Week 1 Activity

Take Part in the ‘Give Way to Ambulance Awareness Campaign’

Type of Activity – Online/In-Classroom Activity


Ambulances play a vital role in saving people’s lives and hence giving way to them is an important responsibility of each Indian citizen. Students are the future of this country and they need to be educated on the gravity of a situation during emergencies and their responsibility in helping out during the same. Since lives are at stake, rules must be strictly followed and they must do their best to educate everyone around them as well.

Expected Outcomes

  • Students will know the special rights and powers granted to ambulances.
  • Students will be aware of the standard protocols to be followed by vehicles when an ambulance is in proximity.
  • Students will spread this knowledge amongst their family and friends.

Teachers’ Section

  1. Share the reference links that are below with the students so they can read up on the topic prior to coming to class.: OR PDF  (Page 2 only)

2. Quiz the students on their reading by completing the below section in class. (For your reference, the answers are given in bold.) Give 5-10 minutes to students to solve the quiz and write answers in their notebook.

Quiz – Emblems and Markings that must be there on an Ambulance

  1. A continuous blue strip to encircle the entire ambulance with the exclusion of the hood panel – Yes/No

2. The word ‘AMBULANCE’ in mirror image in the front of the van. – Yes/No

3. A red star next to the word ‘AMBULANCE’ in front of the van – Yes/No

4. The word ‘AMBULANCE’ shall be there in mirror image on the back of the van. – Yes/No

5. word ‘AMBULANCE’ shall be there on the back of the van. – Yes/No

6. The sides of the ambulance shall have the blue ‘STAR OF LIFE’ and the word ‘AMBULANCE’. – Yes/No

Answer Key of Quiz


3. After doing the quiz activity, display the answers and ask students to self-assess on their knowledge and share their scores in the chat box.

4. De-briefing of the activity

  1. Explain to the students some of the special rights and powers granted to ambulances:
  • Jumping the signal: Signals delay the transportation of the patient and hence ambulances are allowed to jump the red signal. In case of extreme traffic, the traffic police can block all other roadways despite the green signal and let the lane which has the ambulance pass through.
  • Obstructions are not allowed: If anyone obstructs the path of the ambulance, or parks in front of it without giving way, they can be fined. As per Section 194E of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, a fine of INR 10,000 shall be imposed on anyone who obstructs the way of an ambulance.
  • Taking the wrong-side: If the traffic is jammed and an ambulance cannot move forward, they have the right to take a U-turn and take the wrong side.
  • Stopping the VIPs: Every ambulance has the right to pass through even if the entire traffic is held up during a VIP visit. The VIP vehicles should be asked to stop and the lane which has the ambulance needs to be allowed to move.

5. Ask the students to fill up the reflection sheet available in the Students’ Section and share their feedback about the activity. (Give 15 minutes to fill up the same.)

Extension of Activity – At Home

Encourage the students to make a poster explaining the rules that one must follow with respect to an ambulance.

    1. Tell the students to put the poster at the entrance of their building for their friends and family to see. Add the text ‘Be an ACTIZEN’ in the poster.
    2. Request them to share pictures of the poster with you and the other students.
    3. Ask them to upload picture on this webpage under ‘Students’ Section’.

Students’ Section

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