June Week 4 Activity

Audit of items around us – Atma Nirbhar India

Type of Activity – Individual Level Activity


“Atma Nirbhar India”, announced by our Prime Minister is a very recent movement and a powerful thought to revive the Indian Economy and prepare the road map for India to become self-reliant by using Indian products and doing away with foreign products as much as possible.

PM Modi addressed how self-reliance was key to surviving the new phase of the lockdown. India has to be strong and genuine to its own culture and brands rather than depending on foreign goods, as the current situation will make the economy more reliant on its own production. Locally made goods should be promoted and used just as India’s very own Khadi which proved to be profitable to the handloom sector of the country to become a well-exported commodity.

This movement is supported by many citizens and groups through boycott of Chinese products, and products from other foreign countries in general. But how difficult or easy is this for our young ACTIZENS® to support the movement and take active part in the same and in turn support the country’s economic revival. Let us engage our students this week to think and analyse critically, the products they use in their day to day lives and take informed decisions to replace these with Indian products.

Goal – Creating Actizens® i.e. Alert, Informed and Active citizens

  • Alert – About the current situation of economy and interdependence on products and apps manufactured outside India.
  • Informed – Learn more about apps and products which we use on daily basis and part of our life but not manufactured in India.
  • Active – By taking informed decisions about how easy or difficult it is for us to achieve the dream of Atma Nirbhar Bharat and how much are we ready to contribute towards it.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to distinguish between Indian Vs Foreign products.
  2. Students will critically think about which products around them are most useful and how easy or difficult to be replaced.
  3. Students will suggest ways for their country to become Atma Nirbhar.

Material Required

Audit sheet (Can be drawn on Plain paper), Pencil, Eraser

  1. Explain the activity in brief to students through online session. Brainstorm with them about the concept of Atma Nirbhar and how India is planning to achieve the same to revive its
  2. Explain the steps of activity –

a. Choose the area given below for the audit activity –

  • Food items like, butter, bread, chips etc.
  • Electronic items like, AC, refrigerator, TV, mobile phones etc.
  • Digital games and apps like, Ludo, puzzles, crosswords, Tik-Tok etc.
  • Personal care products like, soap, shampoo, makeup etc.
  • Clothing and textiles like, Jeans, shirts, kurtas, towels, bedsheets etc.

3. Identify and select any 10 items, from the area chosen by you, which are very useful and an important part of your daily chores.

4. Make a list of items and find out the manufacturer of the item/product and list down the origin in next column.

5. Give rating to each item for its usefulness in the scale of 5-1 (5 – Most Useful, 4 – Useful, 3 – Neutral, 2- Less useful, 1 – Least useful). While rating keep in mind how easy or difficult it is for you and your family to give up or replace the same with Indian products.

6. Out of selected items derive the percentage of Indian Vs Foreign products you have in your list.

7. Fill in the reflection sheet and share your experience with your teacher.

Name - ____________________                   Grade & Section - ______________

School Name - _______________                   City - ______________________

State - _____________________                  Area selected for Audit - _________

Items Manufacturer Rating on usefulness (5-1) 5 being the highest and 1 being the least Frequency of usage – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Occasionally

Let us do a small exercise –

Circle the apps which you and your family members are using from the given list –

Tik Tok, Snap Chat, WhatsApp, Amazon Shopping, Share It, Google Maps, Big Basket, Flipkart, Zoom, PayTM, Ola, Ludo king, Telegram , My Jio

Let us now look at the origin -

Digital Apps Origin
Tik tok China
Snap Chat US
WhatsApp US
Amazon shopping US
Share IT China
Google Maps Australia
Big Basket India
FlipKart India
Zoom US
PayTM India
Ola India
LudoKing India
Telegram Russia
My Jio India

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