Activity (Week 1 & 2) – Teachers’ Handout

Global Political System

Political participation is one of the best ways for citizens to make a substantial positive change to their society and country. If people are engaged with the politics of their country, they will better understand the functioning of the government. Once they understand the political system, they will be better equipped to engage with the government to solve civic issues.  

Therefore, an increase in political participation should result in a vibrant democracy with an active citizenry. This is the foundation of Democracy 2.0 which we envision at Desh Apnayen and would like all our ACTIZENS to understand. When we say that in the present scenario, it is important to act as global citizens, it is also important to learn about global political systems. Not only to better understand but also to actively participate in the political system of one’s own country. 

Expected Outcomes 

  • Students will become aware of the political system in India and in various other countries.  
  • Students will learn to analyse various political systems, critically. 
  • Students will gain knowledge of different features of political systems through experiential learning. 
  • Students should be able to make their opinion on the best form of government and why. 

Executive Summary of the Activity

The activity is divided into the following 3 parts

Activity Heads Mode Tasks Time Required Responsibility 
Section 1 -Explanation Session Online class 1. Explain the activity to the students. 
2. Play the given video in your online class. 
3. Take up a few follow-up questions and discuss with class. 
4. Explain the research, presentation and role play tasks to the students with timelines. 
5. Share link for reading material with the class. 
30 minutes Teacher 
Section 2 – Preparation – Research, Presentation and Role Play Offline (Home assignment) 1. Read the material provided by the teacher. 
2. Watch the given videos to understand the different political systems better. 
3. Discuss in your group and make a 5 minutes presentation on the given topic. 
4. Prepare for a 2-minute role play.   
2 hours Students 
Section 3 -Presentation, Role Play and Submissions Online class 1. Invite each group to present their research work. 
2. Ask each group to role play their political system after the presentation. 
3. Invite questions from rest of the class after each presentation. 
4. Debrief the session with the help of the given questions. 
5. Summarise the session with a closing statement. 
6. Fill up the Feedback Form and upload pictures and videos of the activity. 
7. Ask students to fill up the Reflection Sheet. 
1 hour Teacher and group leaders 

Offline Tasks for Students –

  1. Connect with group members through WhatsApp, Google Meet, phone - whatever is suitable and an available medium.
  2. Discuss the research task and the role play, divide the responsibilities and work for the same as per directions given by the teacher. 
  3. Prepare for the presentation and the role play and get ready for the role play.

  1. Ask students about their readiness for the class. How did they work collaboratively? Are they ready for the session?
  2. Invite groups one after the other to present the political systems.
  3. Encourage other students to observe carefully and ask questions at the end of each presentation.
  4. Appreciate efforts of each group at the end and debrief the session with the below questions.
    1. How did you feel when you saw the representatives of other political systems presenting/announcing the rules?
    2. Which political system was more inclusive and why?
    3. Which political system was the best and why?
  5. Summarise the entire activity with the help of the following note –  Hope this activity gave you a better understanding and experience of global political systems. We hope this will help you to form an opinion about different political systems. Do you believe in this statement? ‘Democracy is the best form of government for India?’ If yes, then start taking interest in the governance structure, the functioning of the government, their roles and also start reading and watching news about current happenings. Thank you for your valuable time and support. Hope you enjoyed the activity too.
  6. Share your feedback, pictures, videos of the activity with us by filling up the Teachers’ Feedback Form given below.
  7. Ask students to fill up the Reflection Sheet during the online class itself and submit it.

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