September Activity – Week 1 and 2 – Instructions for Students

Step 1 - Read the Information Handout carefully and understand the concept of the Right to Privacy.  

Step 2 – Perform an individual activity on privacy settings of social media apps.

  • Check the privacy settings of WhatsApp, if you are using it. If you are not using WhatsApp, ask your parents/elder siblings if you can access their WhatsApp privacy settings.
  • Follow the steps given below once you open WhatsApp-
    • Click on the three dots at the top right corner in WhatsApp.
    • Click on “Settings”, then click on “Account” and then click on “Privacy”.
    • See the changes which you can make in your WhatsApp privacy settings.
  • Follow similar steps for other social media apps that you use like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Step 3 - Read the case study assigned to your group and research more about that.

Step 4 – Prepare the presentation as per the pointers given below. Please note that these are indicative points and the students are free to modify the sequence and the titles of the PPTs.

  1. What is the group’s understanding of the Right to Privacy? [2 slides]
  2. The status of Right to Privacy in India. [2 slides]
  3. A summary of the assigned case study. [1 slide]
  4. Screenshots and links of the websites from where they have studied the case assigned to them. [2 slides]
  5. The group’s learnings and reflections. [2 slides]
  6. Add screenshots of the page with privacy settings from different social media apps which are used by the group members. [2 slides]

Step 5 – Fill the group reflection sheet and upload your group PPT.

Step 1 – Make a group presentation in the class as per the instructions of the teacher.

Step 2 – Carefully watch the presentations of other groups.

Step 3 – Actively participate in the post presentation discussions.

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