October Event – Service Calendar

Prepare a service/volunteering calendar for available time slots for the next 7 to 10 days after the activity orientation. Select any 3 to 5 tasks from the given list and add them to your calendar. The purpose of these activities is to make service/volunteering contagious, and to encourage students to actively participate, and spread the message of the importance of service in a society. Students can dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes (no restrictions on the outer limit; the more the service, the merrier it gets) to any 3-5 of the following activities/services. They can also choose to conduct only 1 activity for 1 week as well. These activities have been listed down as a guide. Students can feel free to choose any activity that they feel aligns with service to society.  

Volunteering Activities  

Household Activities-  

  • Repair a broken window/door, if any, in your home under the guidance of parents. 
  • Fix a leaking tap, if any, in the house. (Be careful with the plumbing tools.) 
  • Clean your own room and bookshelf. 
  • Help with household tasks – cooking/washing clothes/washing utensils etc. for a day. 
  • Help your parents with making a budget for household expenses.
  • Decorate your home using your creativity (You can use origami.)
  • Read a storybook to your siblings and help them read books as well. 
  • Help your grandparents install the DigiLocker App and download their documents. 
  • Conduct a power audit of your home and keep the switches off while not in use to save energy for 5 days. 

Immediate Outdoor Activities-  

  • Restore the garden or take care of the plants for 1 day. Clean/wash your bicycle/2 wheeler/4 wheeler with your parents.  
  • Collect e-waste from your home and send it for recycling.
  • Set up a bird feeder in your garden area and maintain it. 

Neighbourhood Activities-  

  • Donate old clothes, books, stationery, toys to children in need. 
  • Click some pictures showcasing civic problems in your area and spread awareness through social media. 
  • Identify a civic hero in your area (related to water, cleaning, social services, etc.) and write a story on ‘how this individual helped society’. Post this story on a social media page (if you use social media) and spread the message of good work. 
  • Participate in cleaning drives in the society after festivities. 

School-Related Activities-  

  • Help your teachers in planning their online sessions beyond school. 
  • Volunteer for any school cleaning drive. 
  • Ask your teachers/principals if they need any volunteers for school activities. 

Sample Calendar   


Click ‘before and after’ pictures wherever possible or shoot a 1-minute video of each activity that you volunteer for and upload the same along with the Reflection Sheet. 

Orientation Session Details

Date: 14 October 2021 | 2 pm to 3 pm

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After attending this session, you can fill nomination form given below to participate in the event.

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