December Activity – Joining Hands

  1. Students will be able to identify the role of local government in context to certain issue.
  2. Students will recognize the importance of citizen government collaboration to help local government fulfil its role.

  1. Students will be able to describe the role of government in context to an issue. 
  2. Students will describe the importance of citizen government collaboration to help local government fulfil its role.

  • Skills - Communication, Collaboration, and creativity 
  • Values – Responsibility 

S. No. Session Details Estimated Time Required
1 Step 1: Introduction

Step 2: Activity

Step 3: Debrief

45 Minutes 

Notebooks, pens 

Session 1:For a 45 min session Step 1-3

Step 1 – Introduction

Time: 5-7 min 

Introduce the class with the topic for the day using the introduction section.

Teacher will tell the students we will make poster that shows what role government and citizen can play together to hand the rising heat wave issue effectively.

Step 2 – Group Activity

Estimated Time: 30-35 mins.

1. Divide students into 4 groups.  Two groups will represent Local Government Authority and two groups will represent Citizen.

2. Each group will work on Role of stakeholder (atleast 5 points) & how it can collaborate with other stakeholder (atleast 3 points). Group Division to be as follows.

  • Group 1 – Local Government authority – Immediate Action Steps
  • Group 2 – Local Government authority – Plan for Future
  • Group 3 – Citizen – Immediate Action Steps
  • Group 4 – Citizen – Plan for Future

3. Teacher will tell the students that they must create a part of ‘Joining Hands’ Poster (Refer the given image). They can trace the handprint of one of the group members. Students can refer to the handout given in Annexure 1 to do the activity.

4. Tell the students they will get 20-25 minutes to do this group work.

5. Once the activity is done, the teacher can arrange for the space on deshapnayen wall for students to display their hands poster. Immediate Action groups for both stakeholders can display together as shown in figure above and similarly Plan for Future can display together.

6. Other students can read the presentations during the recess/break time.

Step 3 – Debrief of Activity

Time: 5-7 min 

Ask students the following questions to debrief the activity: 

  1. What have you learnt from the activity?
  2. What is the role of government to ensure public safety and health?
  3. Why is it essential for government and citizens to collaborate so that government fulfils it role?

Reflection Sheets & Feedback Form 

Teachers kindly fill in the feedback form, remind office bearers to fill activity report and remind students also to fill up the reflection sheets.

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