September Week 2 Activity

Video Comprehension “Time to Share the load”

Type of activity – Individual level activity


These days all social media is overflowing with videos of men and young boys cooking and cleaning home, specially all celebrities, thanks to the lockdown. This can be viewed as a welcome change. It is often women and girls in a household that bear the burden of chores such as cooking, cleaning house, washing utensils, clothes, taking care of children and family despite the fact that both are also working from home. But with men and boys sharing the load of kitchen duties, does it mean that we have finally broken the stigma around household chores? Does it mean that we have finally accepted that who does what around the household should not be decided by their gender? Or is it that we have found a way to weave even this household duty into the stereotypical narrative of our society?

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to think about importance of sharing responsibility at home.
  2. Students will be able to realise the fact that gender equality starts from home and then goes to society.
  3. Students will start taking up responsibility at home in performing household task.

Steps for the Activity

  1. Let us ask our ACTIZENs to watch below short videos at home and think about the given questions –
  2. Answer the following questions after watching the videos –
    1. What is the situation at your home? Do all family members share the load of household tasks? Yes/No and why?
    2. Make a list of daily chores you see at your home and mark the member who is responsible for the work at home.
Daily ChoresMale MemberFemale MemberBoth
For Ex. – CookingYes

3. Did you see any changes in the same during the lockdown period? Yes/No

4. Express the opinion that how important for us to share the load in the family?

Plan and list down any 5 things you can do to support your parents and share the load and follow the same for 1 week. share your experience and learnings at or on WhatsApp 8898890202 / 9029890291.

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