September Event – Nukkad Natak based on Social Sins

We at Desh Apnayen often think… What if the citizens performed their duties, besides claiming their rights? Wouldn’t this world be a much better and peaceful place to live in?  

Desh Apnayen’s theme for September 2021 is ‘Rights and Duties’. Delve a little deeper and one will find that a lot has been said about rights, but there is barely anything that talks about duties. This lack of accountability for all that we enjoy as citizens are the main cause of any kind of unrest or imbalance in society.  

Rights without duties are not desirable. It is harmful to society. 

Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘7 Social Sins’, talks about 7 such aspects that go hand in hand. It is about the conduct of individuals in society, and the 7 blunders that human society commits that are the cause of all violence. 

  1. Wealth without Work 
  2. Pleasure without Conscience 
  3. Knowledge without Character 
  4. Commerce (Business) without Morality (Ethics)
  5. Science without Humanity  
  6. Religion without Sacrifice 
  7. Politics without Principle

At Desh Apnayen we have chosen 4 sins from the above list for this month’s event, that align with our mission and vision. 

  1. Pleasure without Conscience 
  2. Knowledge without Character 
  3. Science without Humanity 
  4. Politics without Principle 

Nukkad Natak or Street Play has been a classic form of communication in society. Nukkad Natak is the oldest form of storytelling and the most effective tool for spreading awareness on important issues among the people in the community.  

We have chosen the above with the following objectives: 

  1. To make the students aware of the consequences that any irresponsible action could have, and how the society/community would have to bear the brunt of the cascading effect of these actions. 
  2. To get future generations to reflect on their behaviours and modify them for the larger good. 
  3. To make them develop a community-building mindset, and a sense of accountability, keeping in mind the cause and the effect of their actions. 

The activity 

  1. A 5-minute Nukkad Natak/Street play to be performed live online, either with all participants at one place or as a group on zoom. [Depending on COVID protocol in your area.]
  2. 4-5 students in each group from grades 7 to 9.
  3. Teacher as a mentor.
  4. Natak with props and costumes is desirable.
  5. In English and Hindi.

The script should ideally include 

  1. Problem-based on the theme chosen
  2. An example to substantiate the problem 
  3. Win-win solutions to the problem chosen 
  4. The ACTIZENS’ perspective for change in behaviours 

We invite you to express your views on social sins in the form of a Nukkad Natak. There are lots of prizes to be won!!

Important Dates:

To know more, kindly attend any one of the sessions, based on your convenience. Click on the date to Register for Orientation Session

Event Orientation Session – 1: 15th September 2021, from 12 pm to 1 pm

Event Orientation Session – 2: 18th September 2021, from 3 pm to 4 pm

Zonal Rounds on 23rd and 24th September 2021

Final Round on 28th September 2021!

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