ACTIZEN Activity 10

Pride of Goa

Type of Activity – School Level Activity


Goa is a union territory – it is called the Rome of the East. This region was under the control of numerous rulers including French and British ones. Therefore, Goa is a land of unique culture and interesting heritage with varying forms of entertainment and influences from western culture.

In today’s session, students will find their own reasons to be proud of Goa. They will research deeply on the various aspects/areas of Goan culture, art, tradition, food, and festivals and find out the reasons for being proud of these aspects.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to think about the uniqueness of Goa.
  2. Students will acquire knowledge about the diversity in Goa.
  3. Students will become aware of different areas where they should feel proud as a Goan.
  4. Students will be able to creatively display their own feelings about Goa.

Start the class with a brief introduction to the activity. You can say that today we are going to discuss and discover various aspects or shades of Goa that we think is unique and we should feel proud about as Goans. Together, we will identify these areas and research more about the same.

  1. Ask students to think about the 1 best thing about Goa for a minute and what they like about the same. (For eg, music, food, art, dance, architecture, heritage, festivals, etc.)
  2. Ask them to write their answers in the chatbox if you are taking online sessions. In case of physical classes, allow them to speak and the teacher can write their responses on the Blackboard/Whiteboard.
  3. Read the responses aloud in class, highlight/underline the common answers.
  4. Make a list of things, discussed by students like travel, festivals, food, language, culture, art, etc.
  5. Based on the common responses, divide the class into groups. If the responses are more than 10-15, make a group of 2-3 students.
  6. Assign the common themes or areas to the groups and ask them to do research about the same. Give time till the next class.

For example, if Group 1 is allotted the area of festivals, then they need to research the most popular festivals in Goa – the name of the festivals, time of celebration, the history behind the festival, unique features of the festival.


If Group 2 is assigned the topic of food, they need to research the famous foods of Goa, which part of Goa it belongs to, recipe, nutritional value, etc.

  1. Ask them to research and prepare a small booklet (10-15 pages maximum) on the theme that was selected. They can use photos, articles, newspaper cuttings to make their booklet more attractive.
  2. Ask them to upload the same along with the reflection sheet before the next class.

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