January Activity – Incredible India – Information Handout for the Students

In India, various facets of Performing Arts are all-pervading bringing colour and joy to numerous festivals and ceremonies, and reaffirming the faith of the people in their heritage. These facets have been responsible for sustaining the long continuities of ancient traditions. They are the link between the past and the present. It thus exemplifies the complex, organic interaction of all aspects of life implicit in all tribal and folk-art forms; art is not seen as something apart from life, a mere ornamentation or entertainment, but as an intrinsic part of it.

Reference: http://ccrtindia.gov.in/performingart.php 

Indian literature includes everything which is included in the word ‘literature’ in the broadest sense: religious and mundane, epic and lyric, dramatic and didactic poetry, narrative and scientific prose, as well as oral poetry and song. In the Vedas (3000 BC-1000 BC), when one finds such expressions, “I am standing in water but I am very thirsty”, one marvels at the continuity of a rich heritage which is both modern and traditional. It is, therefore, not very correct to say that ancient Indian literature includes only the religious classics of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. 

Reference: http://ccrtindia.gov.in/literaryarts.php 

You can refer to this link -> https://padmaawards.gov.in/PDFS/2021AwardeesList.pdf. Check how many of these award winners (in the Art section) are from your state. You can read more about them and their work. 

Video 1: https://whc.unesco.org/en/statesparties/in -> There are many short 2-3 minute videos on each on the World Heritage Sites in India. You can click on the site name and read about it.

Video 2: Bharat Ek Khoj - > A series by Doordarshan. If you are interested in getting an in-depth understanding of the culture of India and its different states, we recommend you watch this series.

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