January Activity – Incredible India – Instructions for Students

  1. Divide yourselves into groups with 5-6 students in each group, with the help of your teacher.
  2. Each group can select any 1 state of India (preferably, each group should select a different state) which you would like to portray through this activity.
  3. Each group can select any 1 art form from a given list to work upon.
  4. At the end of the activity, you need to exhibit all art forms together in the display area depicting Indian Art and Culture. (If you select Performing Art, you can click the pictures of the dance forms/songs and the nukkad natak to be displayed.)

Below are the options that the you can choose from-

1. Visual Art Collage/Display Board-

  • Your group can work on the theme by selecting pictures and paintings of the traditional dance, dress, food, monuments, architecture, etc.
  • You need to make an online collage or a virtual chart to display the same. You can use your creativity to display the different areas in the form of a collage.

2. Performing Art (Classical Dance | Music I Nukkad Natak)-

  • You can prepare any group dance, song or nukkad natak from the selected state to showcase the culture of the state. You can use dresses, accessories and backdrops depicting the state through the art form.
  • You need to record a video of the same and share it with your teacher. 

3. Literary Art (Mythology | Literature on Nationalism, Reformism and Revivalism)-

  • Your group can select folk tales of the state or any story related to the Nationalism/Reformism/Freedom struggle in the selected state.
  • You can create a story board/flash cards for the same to depict the story. 
  • You can create a booklet/story book for the same.


Preparing the documents for submission

At the end, you are expected to submit pictures/videos of your art form in the 'Upload' section under group reflection sheets.

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