November Activity – My School, My Policies

  1. Students will learn to apply the policies made by them in their own school.
  2. Students will deepen their understanding on important issues such as anti-bullying policy, and will be able to spread awareness about the same in their school.
  3. Skills – Team Spirit, Communication skills, Critical Thinking skills.

S. No. Session Details Estimated Time Required
Session 1 Teachers kindly follow Steps 1, 2, and 3. 45 Minutes
Session 2 Teachers kindly follow Steps 4, 5, and 6. 7-8 days

Anti-bullying policy drafts made by different groups.

Suggestion box

Drawing and colouring materials

Period 1 

Step 1: Introduction 

Step 2: Planning and preparation

Step 3: Taking prior approvals from teachers and the Principal

Step 1- Introduction 

Rules are related to rights. We should start with school rules and policies for students. Start with something like-

‘Last year we explored some rules and policies of our school and worked more deeply on anti-bullying policy. Does anyone remember what was that about?

How we drafted that policy?

Why is anti-bullying policy required for schools? 

What are other rules and policies we have in our school?’

Proceed to the next step and make the class understand the concept of ‘Rights’ provided to them as Indian citizens. 

Step 2 – Planning and preparation-

Last year, we drafted the anti-bullying policy for our school. 

(If teacher/students have those policies with them, start from that)

  1. Combine the policies drafted by different groups and make a single, consolidated anti-bullying policy for your school.
  2. Divide the tasks and responsibilities amongst groups again.

Group 1 – Compile the Anti-bullying policy and make a draft on A4 size sheet.

Group 2 – Select members of the committee [Principal, 2 Teachers, 2 Parents, 5 Students (Senior and Junior)] and take their signature on the policy.

Group 3 – Display the policy on notice board and decorate Desh Apnayen wall/notice board.

Group 4 – Prepare for presentation and during assembly explain the policy to the students from other grades.

Group 5 – Put up 2 boxes in the school premises and ask students to file secret complaints against bullying, if they come across such practice in their classrooms. (They can hide their identity)

President and Vice-President of the club to take ownership of the campaign and ensure that all arrangements are made on time. Decide on time and date for the campaign. (If possible, request teacher to hold special assembly for the same where club members can run the campaign)


  • If students wish to take any topic other than those mentioned above, they need to take approval of the teacher.
  • If last year’s policy suggestions are not available, then start afresh and make a new draft.

Step 3 – Take prior approvals from teachers and the Principal

President and Vice-president of the club, along with the teacher, will meet the Principal and ask for prior approvals for starting awareness campaign on anti-bullying policy.

Decide on date and time to take committee members signatures and communicate to all club members accordingly. Invite parents who will be a part of the committee for the same.

Period 2:

Step 4: Main Activity – Awareness Campaign

Step 5: Debrief 

Step 6: Reflection Sheets & Feedback Form 

Step 4:


  1. Call for special assembly on agreed time and date and perform tasks as assigned to each group.
  2. President/Vice-President will address the assembly and explain the plan and purpose of awareness campaign.
  3. Invite presentation group to present the “Anti-Bullying policy” which they have prepared for the school.
  4. Let the presentation group present the policy and invite suggestions from students.
  5. Invite Principal to address students and give approval to the anti-bullying policy by signing the same. Invite other committee members to sign as well.
  6. Display copies of the same at different places for other students to see.
  7. Invite complaints and suggestions from other classes by putting up complaint boxes in the school.
  8. Run this campaign for the next 7 days and monitor the cases shared by students. Students from Drafting Committee will compile all the cases, suggestions, etc. and hand them over to the teacher and Principal on the eighth day.

Step 5:


Teachers are requested to do a debrief session with all students for 10-15 minutes to try and understand-

  1. What have they learnt from the activity?
  2. Any challenges they faced while drafting the policy?
  3. Who all supported them during the campaign and how?
  4. How many cases/suggestions have come up after the activity and how they can solve such cases by using the new anti-bullying policy of the school?

Step 6:

Reflection Sheets & Feedback Form 

Teachers to kindly fill in the feedback form and remind students also to fill up the reflection sheets.

Previous year’s activity images for reference:


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