December Activity – My Citizenship Duty

  1. Students will learn to apply the awareness messages made by them in their immediate environment.
  2. Students will get to experience first-hand the process of becoming engaged citizens.
  3. Skills – Strategy Creation, Team Spirit, Outreach and Communication skills. 

S. No. Session Details Estimated Time Required
1 Pre-preparation of the activity 

(7 days before the activity)

5-7 mins
2 Activity Day 

Step 1- Introduction 

Step 2 –Group Discussion  

Step 3- Presentation

Step 4- Debrief and homework  

Step 5 - Reflection sheet and Feedback form 

45 Minutes

Drawing. Art, craft, and colouring materials for homework 

PRE-PREPARATION AND GROUPING UP (7 DAYS BEFORE THE ACTIVITY)                                                                                                     


  1. Inform the class about the activity to be held on __________ (Date and time of the session) 
  2. Ask students to read and research about the issues caused due the festivals on the following themes.  

Themes to be worked on,   

Students will spread awareness message with help of their artwork. They are free to use their creativity.  

a. Pollution issues:  The government, police, pollution control boards are suggesting many alternative ways to celebrate festivals that do not pollute the environment. Even strict warnings are given in some cities regarding some pollution types. Spread awareness with some environment friendly tips that we tend to forget while enjoying our festivals.  

b. Traffic management:  During festival time there is influx of tourists leading to various traffic related challenges. To avoid traffic congestions and road accidents create awareness messages to follow traffic guidelines during festival time. These messages can be spread with help of writing these messages on Paper Bags/posters/digital prints, etc and giving them as reminders. 

c. Waste management:  A major challenge during festival time is management of resources so that least amount of waste is generated. It is usually seen that after festival time a lot of litter is left back unattended. To reduce waste and to effectively manage waste spread awareness with help of creating artefacts using waste materials. Using various Art forms like Best out of waster Art/Paper bags/slogans, etc. help to spread awareness on how to manage the waste after festival time.  

d. Digital Safety:  Many a time we see during festival, lot of sales schemes and gift vouchers are flashing on various digital platforms. Some of them are digital traps to extract money from people through digital gateways. With help of posters/digital prints/charts, etc. spread awareness on how to be safe from such digital frauds during festival time.  

4. Ask them to choose the themes they would like to discuss in group for the main activity day in the classroom.  

5. Teachers are requested to form groups based on their choices. To ensure enough representation in each theme, teachers can choose participants to move across themes. 

6. Students will come prepared for group discussions on their selected themes on the main activity day. 

ACTIVITY DAY                                                                                                                          

Step 1 – Introduction - 

We all enjoy festivals. They bring us immense joy and happiness. But we may face certain issues after the festivals. Have you faced any issues after the festivals? Let students share response. After a few examples are discussed tell them that, in today’s session we will plan to create a chain to curtail after issues of the festivals.   

In today’s session we will create messages and plan for spreading awareness to curtail after issues of the festivals through artwork.   

Step 2 – Group Discussion 

1. Divide the students as per the groups decided to begin their activity.  

  • Group 1 – Pollution issues 
  • Group 2 – Traffic Management. 
  • Group 3 – Waste Management.
  • Group 4 – Digital Safety. 

2. Students will sit in their own groups and discuss the issues during the festive season, according to the theme selected by them. Then they will come out with three awareness messages for the issues and their plan to spread the awareness. They can spread awareness with the help of Awareness Pack which can include Posters/Flyer/digital prints/etc. (These are only suggestions students can plan their own packs) along with guiding verbally.  

3. Students need to be informed that the group discussion time is only 20 minutes. 


  • If students wish to take any other theme for presentation than those mentioned above, they need to get approval of the teacher. 

Step 3 –Presentation 

  1. Each group will come and present their three messages and the awareness pack plan they will use for spreading awareness through their creation in - ‘My Citizenship Duty’ Activity. 
  2. After the presentations are done. All the students will individually take up any one message and awareness plan of their choice and spread the message in their neighbourhood. 

Step 4: Debrief  

Teachers are requested to do a debrief session with all students to try and understand- 

  1. What did you learn from this activity today? 
  2. How was your experience of working in a group?
  3. How many people will you spread the word to about the activity?  What will they learn from the activity?   


1. Ask each student to make one artwork based on the Awareness pack and give it to any other person in the neighbourhood along with explanation of message. 

2. Conduct a small survey with help of the following questions with other person when spreading awareness: 

a. What other issues have they faced/noticed in this related theme?

b. What actions can they take to help spread awareness on this issue?

c. What actions will they follow to help solve this issue?

d. Mention any other issues related to citizenship in general that they have seen or faced. 

3. Note down these answers to make compiled group report of findings in next session. 

Note: Teacher needs to pre-inform the students of the January session date for them to be prepared with findings of their homework  

Step 5: 

Reflection Sheets & Feedback Form  

Teachers to kindly fill in the feedback form and remind students also to fill up the reflection sheets.

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